Is Your Professional License in Jeopardy?

You have worked hard to obtain your license. You don’t want to lose it. An arrest and/or a conviction may affect your career, your earning capacity and your family life. We work hard at understanding the relationship between representing those accused of crimes and the possible effect upon their professional licenses.

Professionals License California Attorney

Professionals Licenses
California Attorney

Whether you are a lawyer, accountant, real estate broker, securities broker, doctor, nurse, teacher, insurance salesperson or any other individual holding a license from a state or other agency, at some time in the future–after your criminal case is concluded–you will be asked to fill out a form from your licensing board.

How you answer these questions may have a significant impact upon your license’s continued validity and your earning power. How your criminal case was handled and the results obtained will have a great impact on how you are able to answer these questions.

We cannot tell you how many clients come to us after they have pled guilty to a criminal offense, only to be notified after the fact that their license is in jeopardy. Advance planning and knowledge of an overall strategy is key to keeping your license and your livelihood intact.

Whether you need help with your criminal case or in dealing with your licensing agency, we can help you. Protect your license and protect your future. Call us 24/7 at 310-477-9064 or 800-677-8914 or contact us for a free initial consultation.

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