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White collar crimes are best defined as those crimes committed by business and government professionals and/or a person of high social status and respectability in the course of his or her occupation. They are nonviolent crimes.

White Collar Crimes: Lying, Cheating, Stealing

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California White Collar Crimes
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The term was coined in 1939 and now describes the full spectrum of fraudulent crimes committed by the white-collar class. While these crimes are nonviolent in nature, one single scam can completely destroy an entire company and cost investors/workers billions of dollars: Think Enron. With the advent of advanced technologies, today’s fraud schemes are increasingly sophisticated.

Types of Major White Collar Crimes

Asset Forfeiture
– Bankruptcy Fraud
– Corporate Fraud
– Financial Institution Fraud
– Health Care Fraud
– Identity Theft
– Insurance Fraud
– Market Manipulation Fraud
– Mass Marketing Fraud
– Money Laundering
– Mortgage Fraud
– Piracy/Intellectual Property Theft
– Securities and Commodities Fraud

Related White Collar Crimes & Scams

– Disaster/Hurricane Katrina Fraud
– Internet Fraud | E-scams and Warnings
– Public Corruption/Government Fraud

Less Common White Collar Crimes & Scams

– Adoption Scams
– Antitrust/Price-Fixing
– Housing Stealing
– Illegal Pharmacies
– Jury Duty Scams
– Options Backdating
– Pump-and-Dump Stock Scams
– Social Security Card Fraud
– Staged Auto Accidents
– Sports Memorabilia Fraud
– Timeshare Fraud
– Work-from-Home Scams
– And More

California White Collar Crimes Attorney

Ronald A. Ziff is a veteran California criminal defense attorney who has devoted much of his practice to successfully defending those accused of white collar crimes. His lengthy history as California prosecutor before criminal defense gives him a unique advantage of seeing cases from both sides of the courtroom. Mr. Ziff will aggressively fight for your case, exhausting every possible option, to ensure that you receive the fairest defense possible.

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