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Have you or a loved one or friend suffered a guilty verdict or criminal conviction?  This is a stressful and frightening time.  Perhaps you feel that you did not receive a fair trial. Anyone who has suffered a criminal conviction has a right to appeal their conviction to a higher court.

Los Angeles Appellate Attorney Abby Klein

Los Angeles
Appellate Attorney
Abby Klein

You have one last opportunity to fight the case, whether the conviction was in state or federal court, but you must act now.

An appeal is a request filed on your behalf to the appeals court to review the proceedings of your trial to, among other things, determine whether you were denied a fair trial.

There are cases where the issues need to be presented by a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus rather than, or in addition to, an appeal.  For example, if your trial lawyer did not act competently, you may have been denied your constitutional right to the effective assistance of counsel. Generally, this issue is the subject of a habeas petition.  Every case is different.  We will determine which procedural track to follow once we know the specific facts of your case.

Whether we file an appeal, a Petition for Habeas Corpus, or both, the final objective is the same: We want to obtain your freedom.

Our appellate and writ attorney is Abby Besser Klein.  She has been representing clients on appeal for more than 25 years.  She has been involved in all types of cases, including high profile cases such as the Rodney King and Twilight Zone cases.

In fact, she is so well thought of, other criminal defense attorneys retain Ms. Klein to prepare appeals for their own clients.

Ms. Klein knows the hard work it takes to really fight the client’s case.  She was an English major at her university and her legal research and writing skills coupled with her tremendous oratory presence in the appellate courts have led to reversal or dismissal of serious felony convictions including murder, manslaughter, drug cases, spousal abuse, attorney contempt, espionage, racketeering and other charges both in state and federal courts.

When we prepare your writ or appeal, we first listen carefully to your concerns.  Then we examine in detail the entire record of the case so we are able to raise every issue that should be presented to the appropriate reviewing court.

Please note: It is important for you to know that there are very strict time limits that apply to appeals.  If you fail to act in a timely fashion, you will forfeit your right to appeal.

Habeas petitions must also be timely filed or they will be “time barred,” that is, the court will not review your petition for relief.

Act now and contact us for a free initial consultation.  We look forward to speak with you or your representatives.


Here is what highly experienced and well-respected criminal defense attorneys say about Ms. Klein’s appellate work:

  • “I have been referring clients to Ms. Klein for over 25 years. She cares about each and every one of her clients.  She is an extremely skillful writ and appellate lawyer—just excellent!”
    Stanley Greenberg
    Criminal Defense Lawyer,
    – Former Member Board of Directors, National Association of
    Criminal Defense Lawyers
    – Former Member, Governing  Council, ABA Criminal Law
  • “Ms. Klein is dedicated to her clients and their causes.  A superb and thorough writ and appellate attorney–as good as good can be”Errol Stambler
    Criminal Defense Lawyer

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