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Few events are more painful for a parent than learning that their child has been arrested. Our experience is that immediate intervention by an experienced juvenile court attorney can often prevent a matter from proceeding to the juvenile court or at the very least, minimize the potentially serious consequences that can result from your child’s arrest.

Ronald Ziff, Juvenile Crimes Attorney

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Consequences of a juvenile crime or arrest can be serious and life-lasting.  Over the years, the philosophy of the juvenile court has changed from one of rehabilitation to punishment. Despite the fact that the juvenile justice system is geared to the special needs of minors, the proceedings and facilities are as frightening as their adult counterparts.

A successful and experienced juvenile crimes defense attorney may be your child’s only hope to the alternative of spending time in juvenile hall, camp placement or worse, the youth authority, a prison for juveniles.  It is critical for the parents or guardians of these affected minors to immediately contact qualified criminal defense attorneys who are experienced in juvenile law.

Ronald A. Ziff and Abby Besser Klein have extensive experience in representing the interests of juveniles and their families.  As a result of representing hundreds and hundreds of juveniles over many decades, they understand how frightening this experience is for the entire family. They have seen first-hand the impact a juvenile conviction can have on a youngster’s life, even if it is the first time he or she has been arrested and charged with a crime.

Experienced California Juvenile Crimes Attorneys

For years a prosecutor, Mr. Ziff prosecuted hundreds of juveniles just like your child. As defense attorneys, he and Abby Besser Klein were for many years members of the Panel of Appointed Experts and Attorneys and defended hundreds of children in the same predicament now facing your child.  Being on both sides of the aisle gives us a unique perspective other attorneys do not have.  It gives us a balanced insight and approach to evaluate your child’s needs and problems.

Our philosophy in juvenile cases is to turn a negative experience into a positive one. Our children are our most valuable asset. With the assistance of other professionals in areas such as education, psychology, anger management, and drug abuse counselors, we have assisted our clients to lead successful and productive lives. From the juvenile’s arrest to the sealing of the juvenile’s record, we believe in providing a full service approach to the problems you and your son or daughter now face.

Juvenile Crimes and the Sealing Process

The process of sealing your child’s juvenile criminal record gives your son or daughter a fresh start. It allows you to keep those prying eyes from seeing your youth’s indiscretion at a time when they were young and immature. Hopefully, this process will allow them to mature and take their rightful place as a productive member of our society without the baggage of a criminal past.

In most cases, armed with the facts you provide such as the court, the charges, case number, and biographical information about your child, we can conclude the sealing process without your presence at our office or even in court. At times, there may be a court hearing at the juvenile court. One fact is certain: Your child must have reached the age of 18 before the court will consider the sealing of his or her record. Contact us today. We can help you.

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