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According to California law, domestic violence is a crime that carries the potential for serious penalties. If you have been charged with or arrested for domestic violence, even as a first-time offender, without proper representation from a domestic violence attorney, be prepared to fight an uphill battle. Hiring a skilled California criminal defense and/or domestic violence attorney, such as Ronald A. Ziff, is your strongest line of defense.

Domestic Violence Charges

Felony · Misdemeanor

California domestic violence charges result when one party in a domestic, cohabitant relationship (husband/wife, intimate partners, those living together) intentionally physically abuses the other. This includes, but is not limited to hitting, punching, slapping, kicking, or any other form of unwanted physical harm that causes the victim pain, fear, or discomfort.

In Los Angeles, when a domestic violence call is made, the police will visit the location, prepare a police report, and look for visible injuries. If any visible injuries are present, the police will most likely arrest the person they believe to be the aggressor. The officers will assess the situation and take appropriate action. The determination of whether a domestic violence charge is a felony or misdemeanor is, to a great degree, determined by the extent of the injury and any prior domestic violence and/or criminal record. A skilled California domestic violence attorney, such as Ron Ziff, will be able to advise you.

Related to California domestic violence, other forms of abuse, such as verbal abuse, mental abuse, unwanted touching, intimidations, and threats, are crimes equally punishable by law under separate California Penal Codes. Mr. Ziff, a highly regarded Los Angeles domestic violence attorney, will clearly explain these laws and how they apply to your case.

California Domestic Violence Laws

Since the O.J. Simpson case and the increase in spousal abuse reports, California domestic violence attorney representation requirements have greatly increased. CA domestic violence laws for both felony and misdemeanor crimes have become more frequently enforced. In Los Angeles, lawmakers have been cracking down on domestic violence offenders, making it more difficult to obtain a favorable outcome on your case without a highly trained California criminal defense attorney.

With domestic violence crimes, California law mandates that the defendant must be present at all hearings. Although your domestic violence lawyer is permitted to argue on your behalf, you must also attend every hearing. Without an experienced California domestic violence lawyer, such as Ronald A. Ziff, your chances of securing a favorable outcome are greatly reduced.

Domestic Violence Attorney: Second Thoughts

In California, every domestic violence call initiates both police presence and a written police report. Once this happens, the domestic violence case becomes the responsibility of the prosecutor and out of the victim’s hands. Often, after tempers have cooled, the abused spouse will have a change of heart and try to downplay the alleged aggressive behavior that prompted the call to police. Also known as “recanting,” the abused spouse will plead with the prosecutor to give the defendant a second chance. Although the prosecutor will listen to the victim’s plea, the ultimate decision to change or drop charges is at the prosecutor’s discretion, not the victim’s.

Out-of-State Residents

Accused of California Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges may be brought against you even though California is not your permanent state of residency. Felony or misdemeanor, domestic violence that occurs in the State of California falls under California jurisdiction. Non-California residents who have been accused of California domestic violence are required to defend themselves in the California courts. Securing a solid California domestic violence attorney who excels in criminal defense to represent your domestic violence case is in your best interest. Known in Los Angeles as the “lawyers’ lawyer,” domestic violence attorney Ronald A. Ziff is extremely qualified to defend out-of-state residents against California domestic violence charges.

Skilled California Criminal Defense

When it comes to California criminal defense, especially domestic violence attorney services, Ronald Ziff raises the bar. With decades of experience aggressively winning scores of California domestic violence cases, you can rest assured that your rights will be protected. Years in the courtroom, coupled with expert knowledge of the current California laws, qualify Mr. Ziff to represent the most difficult of domestic violence cases. From alternative sentences to restraining orders, misdemeanor, or felony charges, the Law Offices of Ronald A. Ziff offers the most effective way to ensure a positive outcome.

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