Immigration Consequences

Criminal Convictions of Aliens

Even misdemeanor crimes such as spousal battery, drug and/or weapons offenses or multiple petty theft convictions can lead to deportation of aliens including those individuals currently holding Green Cards.

California criminal lawyer Los Angeles

California criminal lawyer Los Angeles

One thing is certain.  If you are an alien, whether you are in this country legally or illegally, you should seek legal advice before you enter a plea to any crime.

We have represented many aliens over the years in criminal matters.  For years, we have worked hand in hand with immigration law firms, who refer their clients to us to protect their client’s rights in criminal matters or those who have been convicted of criminal charges and now face deportation proceedings.

One of the largest immigration law firms here in Southern California has this to say about our legal counseling of their clients:

“They are smart, they are fair and they care about our clients. If anyone can get the job done for our clients they can AND THEY HAVE! These are tough times for our clients and Ronald A. Ziff is the best in the business.”

Dan E. Korenberg, Managing Partner for the Law
Offices of Korenberg and Abramowitz

In certain matters, we have filed for post-plea corrections before the Government initiates deportation proceedings or other proceedings.

The renewal of Green Cards or an application for citizenship may trigger unexpected problems if an alien has a criminal conviction in his or her history. Having counsel with knowledge related to your special needs, your immigration status and its relationship to your criminal case is of utmost importance to your ability to remain in this country.

IMPORTANT: Seek legal advice before you take action involving a criminal matter.  In many cases, we can help you avoid unnecessary and damaging immigration consequences.

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